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The apocalyptic VR survival game
taking place in Paris

Project TERMINUS is a survival horror VR set in the city of Paris. As you explore the sinking city of Paris, you will come across dangers, allies, and mysteries. You will face the assimilated, the terrifying swarms of nanites, and even worse than that.
Playable in solo, coop and cross-platform.

Technical issue on Oculus (404).
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Hold your breath in the Paris subway

Project TERMINUS offers a very gripping horror experience, far from easy jump scare, with a particular care given to the atmosphere, and a natural use of the VR interactions. It offers many elements taken from classic survivals and roots it in an engaging coop and solo story-driven campaign. The player has a backpack with limited storage, a flashlight with limited battery, etc. overall sparse supplies.
Everything you will need to survive, you will have to find it and be cautious about it.

auto_stories 6 Chapters
timer 5h+ Playtime
sports_esports 3 maps arcade
people 4x Coop Multiplayer

Face an unprecedented threat

The enemies of Terminus come from a robotic and biological combination, they have been contaminated by swarms made up of billions of nanites which will take control of their host by replacing the functions performed by the individual's brain, killing them in the process.

These swarms are a constant threat in quarantine areas and seek to assimilate as many people as possible. The origin of these nanites is unknown even if several theories are put forward by many people. They use carbonaceous matter to feed themselves with energy, the big cities are therefore huge energy sources for them.

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